Increase Sales revenue with qualified B2B prospects


You have a fantastic product or service – one that definitely has a market to sell to. You are looking for new customers to sell your product or service to.

You have tried to acquire customers spending both time and money – perhaps through self-research scouring the internet, or by buying customer lists available throughout the internet. If after reaching out, you found the results have been not encouraging, you are not alone!!

You will surely be aware of a few reasons why this might have been so (that’s why you are here)- the reach was not made to the decision maker, your service does not help the company, incorrect or stale contact detail, [add a couple more] and the list goes on.

EvaSquare helps you solve the biggest problem for your business – finding your ideal clients.

At EvaSquare, we understand that successful selling starts with knowing your key market, understanding their challenges, and how your solution can help them. Customized to your requirement, we use insights and actionable information on key prospects to whom you can sell your services to. This access to clean, accurate and targeted sales leads will empower you to target and engage prospects better, with a better chance of closing deals sooner.

Sounds good so far? Let’s see how exactly we can help you.


Depending on your needs, there are two services you can choose from –

B2B Targeted List Building

You are great at converting leads once you have them. But you find it challenging to spare time researching and putting together a list of prospects you could reach out to.

This service provides you custom prospect-contact lists. This list is clean, accurate and up to-date. It is targeted to your niche, to whom you can reach out to and nurture into leads


You have a product or service, that will wow your customer. But you need help identifying prospects that will convert into paying customers.

Through this service, we help you systematically identify the type of customer you want to work with. We search for your potential customers, and provide you the best way to reach out and build a relationship with them.

Clients Speak

"Maria was incredibly helpful finding relevant leads and notable contacts within my industry, saving me hours of time and efficiently displaying them for me. I can’t recommend her enough, she is fantastic at what she does, very knowledgeable and an asset to any business looking for lead generation services"
"Maria is great, gets in and gets the job done fast and I always get the results I am after. Very happy with Maria, would recommend to anyone"
"Maria does a great job. She is thorough, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She is also passionate about customer satisfaction, which is priceless"

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