HubSpot CRM is great for new business owners

Why is HubSpot CRM great for new business owners

You recently launched your new business, purchased a domain and hosting for your site. You have added content to your website and are ready to start taking clients.

All you are looking for now, is a great CRM solution that could:

  • store data on your new leads & prospects
  • help you do your basic email marketing and
  • track your marketing and sales activities

Well! HubSpot is a great place to start. HubSpot’s free version has tons of features. Listed below are basic tools for you to get started.

HubSpot is Free forever

Track your website visitors

Adding your web domain to your HubSpot account allows you to track your website traffic. With a free account, HubSpot shows you

  • number of page visits
  • page views
  • pages viewed by a visitor and
  • source of the traffic (organic search, direct, social media). 

If you are using a WordPress site, install the HubSpot WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to use HubSpot email marketing, CRM, forms, pop ups, and live chat on your website

Track your site using HubSpot

Send and track emails

Connect your inbox to your HubSpot account. You can now send emails from HubSpot CRM. It also logs and tracks your emails. 

Install HubSpot extensions for your email clients like gmail or outlook. This will enable logging and tracking of emails sent from outside HubSpot CRM.

Send and track emails using HubSpot

Contacts & Companies

HubSpot adds contacts to your database when:

  • A visitor fills a form on your site
  • A lead contacts you via email
  • A visitor contacts you via chat (if you use HubSpot’s live chat feature)
  • You send an email to a cold prospect

You can manually add a contact to your CRM as well. 

Manage companies in your HubSpot CRM

Forms and pop-ups

Forms and pop-ups are easy to create with HubSpot’s drag and drop builder. You can add your forms to your contact pages, content pillar pages and also set up pop-up lead magnets. All the information filled in by your visitors is stored in your HubSpot account.

Popups on HubSpot


With HubSpot meetings your prospects can book appointments with you. It is super easy to set up. Connect your outlook or google calendar with HubSpot meetings and you are good to go. 

book meetings with your prospects on HubSpot

With these basic tools in place, you are now ready to get customers in through your door. 

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